Our team

We are a group of enthusiastic parents who founded the Club of parents and friends of Věra Čáslavská elementary school in October 2022 with the aim of making the school a great place for our children. In cooperation with the school management we mainly want to help the school with organization of events for children and parents and to finance projects that cannost be funded school.


I have two children at Věra Čáslavská elementary school (and I hope that in two years there will be three of them). That is why I'm interested in what's going on at the school and I would like to help to improve it as much as I can - my main goals in the club include supporting the school's community spirit, after school activities (mainly robotics and programming) and improving school equipment. Since there are more parents at the school who would like to personally contribute to the improvement of our school environment we decided to establish a club of parents and friends of the school and we welcome everyone who shares an interest in the school development.


Our family has been living in the Petřiny area for the fifth generation. Both me and my husband attended this elementary school which is why the local environment and community are very close to my heart. I will be happy to support the active cooperation of parents, friends and the school by organizing events for our club. Among other things, I put the emphasis on quality language teaching, robotics and programming to be important in education. I would like to devote myself to supporting the specific educational needs of gifted and exceptionally gifted children, of whom there may be 10 - 15% in our school, and also would like to contribute to our school becoming a partner of specialized platforms, for example www.qiido.cz.


I think that education is something where the school and parents should take part in together. Two of my children attend the Věra Čáslavská elementary school and I would therefore like to be involved to a greater extent in the events at the school and help in some of the areas where we as parents can contribute to further development. I am personally interested in the topics of foreign languages education, computer science and mathematics. I believe that the club can effectively support the school's activities beyond what is standard and thus help improve the environment for everyone - children, teachers and parents.


My two children attend the Věra Čáslavská elementary school and over time a younger sibling will join them as well. So, naturally, I care about the environment in which they spend a significant part of their day. I think that our school has great potential and can become the best school far and wide thanks to the support of the club. My personal theme is the community character of the school. It is very important to me that school is a safe place for children, where they will enjoy spending time even after school, where they can practice their communication and social skills and where they can always find support and help. As part of my activities at the club, I would like to focus on children's leisure activities and community events. I believe that thanks to the cooperation of parents and teachers, the school will be able to move forward and will be a pleasant place for all of us, where we will like to meet.


I am new to the role of a parent of a schoolchild. I joined the club precisely because of getting to know the school better, getting to know the parents of other children and helping to create a school environment that will be safe for children and at the same time inspiring and fun. By participating in the club I would like to contribute to the organization and planning of joint events and thereby strengthen the relationship between the school and parents but above all between parents. I believe that together we can achieve all goals and thus we will be a good example of cooperation for our children.

We don't have much experience yet but we compensate for it by our enthusiasm and determination. So let's work together to improve the environment and the community around the school. You can find more information about our activities here on our website or on our Facebook page.